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How long does shipping from India to UK take?

Sending cargo to India has been made very easy and convenient for everyone willing to transport items to India these days. It is a testament to both the technology and the cargo business to adapt to those modern technologies and use them to reduce time and increase efficiency in sending cargo from one place to another.

A few decades back, it seemed impossible to deliver items to far flung areas and remote islands in a short time period. But, due to the advancements in tech, it has become very easy and convenient to send goods anywhere you want, and that too at a minimal time. Similarly, the ever-blossoming trade between the UK and India has also increased.

These days, people get a lot of options when choosing a cargo company to send their items and other goods to India. All options seem right but the people still struggle to find the best option for them. Well, we've got a solution for you if you're looking to send something to India.

Sending Cargo to India has two shipping means. We ship via both sea and air routes. So, our rates and time taken varies accordingly depending on the service you choose.

Time for Sea Shipping

Our facility normally takes between three and a half to four months and other cargo via sea shipping as it is quite slow but more weight can be carried using this amenity.

Time for Airmail shipping
Our airmail amenity is one of the fastest services for shipping cargo. Your cargo will be delivered to India from any part of the United Kingdom within two weeks. Cargo is usually distributed in ten to twelve days.

What is the difference between sending by air and sea?

Sending Cargo to India gives you both options of sending either by sea or by air. If you want to send goods in bulk or heavy machinery, you should always choose sea cargo in that case because it might be slow but it is reliable and ocean freight shipping is recommended especially for heavy machinery items. If you want an urgent delivery and the size of your shipment is not too big, you should definitely choose an airmail amenity, which will not only deliver your parcel or other shipment quickly but will also do so at an affordable cost.

Cost of sending cargo to India

Our prices for cargo shipping vary according to the requirements of the customer. Our rates also vary according to the different services we offer to our clients. Charges vary for both sea and air cargo.

Sea courier price

For our sea cargo amenities, we charge £3.50/kg for 30kg limit. The delivery is usually done in minimum 3-4 months. The time for delivery increases due to the custom checks, and no cargo amenity can do anything about that.

Airmail price

Our airmail service is very quick. That being said, it is a tad more expensive as compared to the sea cargo. But, for those who want a quick delivery, it is worth the hassle. We charge £5.00/kg for air services and your freight will be delivered in ten to twelve days.

Can we send TV from UK to India?

Sending Cargo to India allows you to send TVs to India. We charge our normal per kg rates for this service too but as it is an electronic product of considerable worth, the Indian government charges a significant custom duty which amounts to about 60% of the total item value. So, that will hike the total price for sure.

Send other electronics to India

You might be thinking this thing in your mind if you can send other electronics to India like TVs as well or not. Well, you can send all kinds of electronics to India but the appropriate custom duty as per 60% value of the product will be charged by the government upon the item's arrival in India.

How to send cargo to India

Cargo to India can be sent using Sending Cargo to India freight amenity. You just need to package your items properly according to the type of shipping method you've chosen. You'll have the option of sending your shipments via either sea or air.

Cargo in Boxes

You can send your consignment to India in small packaged boxes, especially if your shipment is not in a large amount. When the shipment is small, you can easily send your item using our air consignment facility. In that case, you will save a lot of your time. If your boxes are in a large amount, you can choose to send them via ocean freight shipping instead, which will consume more time.

Cargo in Containers
You can also send a consignment using container shipping. Airplanes can also carry containers but those are of a considerably smaller size. But, sea cargo gives a variety of options in container shipping. There are two main container sizes available which are the 20 feet container and the 40 feet container.

Both are very popular. However, one gets even more options in how his items should be placed in the container. There are two popular options available with regards to container load.

In Full Container Load, you can book the entire container for storing your items. The whole container is booked for you, and you pay for the price of reserving the entire container for your stuff.

Less than Container Load is the cheaper and more convenient option in a case when your items do not fill the entire container but only take a portion of the container. In that case, you only pay for the area you've occupied in cubic meters and the rest of the container space is occupied by items of other traders.

Send clothes to India

If you want to send clothes to your relatives or as part of your business, you can also do so via Sending Cargo to India. We guarantee the safety of your clothes while they are being transported to India.

Can I send used phones to India?

You can send both new and used phones to India from the United Kingdom. We will charge you on the basis of characteristics of the item. But, there is a custom duty which is charged by the government as well which equates to a specific percentage of original value of the item. So, that amount will be deducted as well to send the item to India.

Excess Baggage to India

If you are travelling to India for a visit or moving there temporarily for a few months and want to bring some extra luggage with you, airlines wouldn't generally allow you to take it with you during the flight. So, instead of paying them a shed load of money for extra luggage, you can book a new cargo excess baggage service of Sending Cargo to India, which will take your excess luggage to India easily.

Where Can I pick up my Baggage in India?

After you use our excess baggage amenity to transport additional luggage to India, you can pick the items from the airport in which your own flight will land when you come to India. You'll just have to pick your stuff on your own. The charges of our excess baggage facility are £2.5/kg for a minimum 100kg weight.

Can I send cargo to anywhere in India from anywhere in UK?

You can send your consignment from the UK to India using our service. It doesn't matter if you're in our London and Leicester office or not. You can use our pick-up service from anywhere in the UK. We'll reach your address in a quick time and pick the item up for delivery to India.

It is of no concern to us whether you are in Birmingham, Glasgow, Bournemouth, Brighton, Cardiff, Swansea, Bristol, Norwich or even Aberdeen. We'll make sure to get your item picked and delivered to all parts of India. You can send the items to any village, town or city in India. From Mumbai to Delhi to Kolkata, you can send your item everywhere you want in India, even to the remotest of locations too.

Door to Door service outside London and Leicester
One more solution for you would be to use our door to door amenity. In this amenity, you are sure to be charged a lot more amount for picking the goods from your doorstep, but we guarantee that they will be successfully delivered to the address's doorstep in India. Door to Door amenity is a good solution especially if you want to avoid the hassle of handling your items yourself.

Cargo to India from Birmingham

If you are in Birmingham and want to send your cargo to India, you can do so via Sending Cargo to India easily. We offer very affordable rates for delivery to India, and with the help of our customer services, we make sure to satisfy our clients. So, if you're residing in Birmingham, you can either reserve our door to door service or come to our Leicester office personally as that office is the closest to Birmingham.

Cargo to India from Manchester
If you reside in and around greater Manchester, you most probably won't be able to come to either our London or Leicester office as they're too far away from Manchester. In that case, you can use our door to door facility in which we'll send our representatives to Manchester who will pick up the items from your place and take it to our nearby office. We'll then package your items further and send them over to India where they'll be delivered to the doorstep of the destination of your choosing.

Cargo to India from Scotland
If you live somewhere in Scotland and want to avail our facilitations for sending your shipment to India, you can still do so via our door to door service. Door to door service is perfect for you as you won't be able to come to either London or Leicester with your shipment. So, you can use this service to hand over the items to our team, and we'll then ready them up and send them over to India for shipping.

Cargo to India from London
If you are in London or live close to it, we have four offices in different areas of the city. Our offices in London are located in Southall, Hayes, Harrow and Wembley. You can come to any of our offices between 10am to 6pm from Monday to Friday and leave your items there. We'll send them over to India after packaging them properly, so that they can reach their destinations unscathed.

What Items are prohibited?
Items such as dry fruits, chocolates, clothes, electronics, kitchenware and other commonly used household stuff is permitted to be sent. However, things like alcoholic beverages, liquids, foods, medicines, batteries, oils and perfumes are strictly banned. If someone tries to hide them under their stuff, they will be immediately confiscated by the customs. So, it is better to abide by the laws or else unnecessary trouble awaits for you.

Do you offer packing services?
We charge a one-time handling fee of £5. If you pack items in boxes yourself or not, we will always charge this amount as we do a thorough check of all the items that you intend to send. So, if you've already packaged the items in boxes, we'll open the boxes and check all the stuff to see if everything is legal or not. When that is done, we'll package them in our boxes according to our specific standards and send the items for delivery.


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